International Winterschool: "Marxist-Feminism - No socialism without feminism, no feminism without socialism!"

Marxist Feminist Winterschool
28.12.2018 bis 04.01.2019

Activists from socialist organisations are invited to Werftpfuhl around New Years Eve from 28 December to 4 January.

As socialists, Feminism and Marxism are two of the key ideas inspiring our political and educational work. Yet their relationship to one another is not an easy one. It took the self-organization of many different groups of women, such as socialist feminists, feminists of colour and queer feminists, to fill in the gaps left in Marx’s theories of capitalism and production.

At this seminar we will look at the relation between capitalism and the oppression of women, considering questions of social reproduction, the family, intersectionality, gender roles and the state of contemporary feminism. Besides sharing work and lots of political debates, we will not forget to have fun together, self-organized by the participants. We will spend a day in Berlin as well and will celebrate together NEW YEARS EVE in our Education Center.


50-100€, depending on your country of residence

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Registration deadline?
December 10th 2018

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Marc Rüdiger
Phone: +49(0)33398899925