International Summerschool: "Organizing Activism"

05.08.2018 bis 12.08.2018

From 5 - 12 August 2018 activists from socialist organisations are invited to Werftpfuhl.

This year's International Summerschool looks at Organising Activism. For many young people, our involvement in socialist organisations is to tackle the vast inequalities in our societies, and our belief that socialism is the path to a better future.

The famous phrase goes, "Don't get mad, get organised!" but what does that really mean? How do we practically organise and what are we actually organising anyway? What are the practical tools and skills we can develop to become and develop organisers in our movements? How does this relate to Activism and what's the difference between Activism and Organising anyway?

We'll spend the week taking a really practical approach to how, as young people invested in socialist organisations, we can use our values to develop activists and organise together - in our communities, in our organisations and together internationally - to bring about a socialist world.

5.-12. August 2018

50-100€ depending on country of residence

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